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    Operator VIPs Visit FiberHome Booth at PT/EXPO Communication China 2013

    • 2013-12-31

    The 3rd day of PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2013, Vice president of FiberHome Group Mr. Lv Weiping and Vice President of FiberHome Technologies Mr. Ge Jun showed the latest techniques, products and solutions to VIP from Shandong Mobile, Tibet Mobile, Henan Mobile, Liaoning Unicom, Hunan Unicom and Ningxia Telecom at FiberHome booth.

    FiberHome focuses onits NG-PON, Smart ODN (SODN) product and solutions responding to National Broadband strategy. The global commercial cases on SODN, 100G OTN, 400G transceiver module, PE-OTN, latest T-bit smart IP-RAN system are showcased on the expo this year. It is also worth mentioning the 100G/400G transmission network, next generation broadband access network building operation and maintenance solutions ,in which FiberHome keeps on its leading position from the first domestic 2.5G,10G,40G,100G WDM system. For now, FiberHome is one of the only two vendors for the DSP, ASIC chips, optic module, board, and the 6.4G system cross capacity all over the world. As for the LTE sector, FiberHome launches a section for showing the vivid LTE world demonstration to the visitors.