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    1st Site of FiberHome Global Tour Show in Hanoi

    • 2014-08-05

    hen Hanoi appeared enshrouded in the April’s breeze, and the golden brazilwood fruit melted into the quiet of Mekong, FiberHome started off on its overseas Tour Show in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    The first technical seminar of this tour opened at Hanoi on 11th April, where FiberHome presented its latest achievements and solutions of GPON network, optical transmission network, fiber and cable, as well as cable TV network two-way transformation with VNPT, one of the Big Operators in Vietnam. Both shared their ideas in construction of optical access network, optical transmission network and cable television network.

    During the seminar, Mr.Li Shiyu, the ITU SG15 expert & Vice President of China Innovation Alliance of Fiber Raw Material Industry made a brief introduction for FiberHome’s history, industry chain known as Preform to Fiber to Cable, China fiber industry’s market standing and the international development trend of the fiber application in his speech Connecting Your Future.

    In the broadband network area, Mr.Hou Jingyuan, FiberHome Senior Technical Consultant, shared experience in building high speed, large capacity and efficient network in and out of China. Later the visit experts provided MPLS-TP PTN, ODN, PON solutions.

    Mr.Li Keng, FiberHome Senior Technical Expert ended this event by prospecting the wide future.

    As an outstanding optical communication products and solutions provider in China, FiberHome has achieved an effective global expanding these years. It stands in the top 10 for global competitive vendors for optical fiber and cable, optical transmission and access equipment for seven years. Also succeeded in cooperating with Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, and other 50 international famous operators. In this tour show, FiberHome looks forward to building an efficient communication network for VNPT and Viettel in order to provide more convenient network service to more subscribers in Vietnam.