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    FiberHome Took TM Forum Standard Editorship

    • 2014-09-03

    In the standard framework of TM Forum (TeleManagement Forum) to be launched this year, Mr. Yun Xiang from FiberHome acted as the editor of TMF063 Standard, marking the first time for FiberHome to win TMF standard editorship. TMF is an operator-dominated international standard organization. By spearheading the formulation of international standards, FiberHome has demonstrated its technical strength to domestic and foreign operators, and gained wide attention and recognition from customers. This event may be rated as FiberHome’s new leap in international standards.
    It is well known that FiberHome has accumulated rich operation maintenance experience while helping China Telecom deploy the massive PON network. Customer demand is the power of development, and China Telecom has the demand to participate in the formulation of international standards. By its experience in network operation maintenance accumulated over the years, FiberHome co-formulated TMF063 Standard with China Telecom, thus boosting its role in the TMF International Standard Organization. Named Technical Specifications of Fault Management in Chinese, TMF063 focuses on causes of faults in resource management. Operators' fault management requires that faults should be positioned promptly and analyzed accurately. TMF063 covers fault causes of various network technologies (ATM, PDH, SDH, OTN, Ethernet, MPLS-TP, PON, wireless, etc.) for the purpose of helping operators with cross & multi-domain analysis of fault causes.