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    “FiberHome Informatization Way to Glory”--Transformation from Optical Communication Expert to ICT Expert

    • 2017-02-20

    For a long time now, FiberHome is recognized as "Telecommunication Expert" in both domestic and international market. It started in the early 1970’s, In the name of  Wuhan Research Institute of Postal and Communication (WRI)  which created China's first commercial optical fiber, by 1980’s it developed the first optical communication system, after decades in the field of optical communication profound accumulation, "Mastering core technologies in optical communication" became one of the most distinctive features of FiberHome.

    With the development of the Internet, especially in recent years with widespread adoption of cloud computing and Big data technologies, information consumption is speeding up and penetrate into every aspects of life, ICT Industry has brought a great deal of transformation and development in this new space. ICT industry leaders are beginning to focus on cloud computing, Internet of things (IOT), application data and other industry hot spot areas, accelerating in the emerging field as business strategy. FiberHome at this important stage, for increasing their advantage in the market, the company took a fresh start, developed a roadmap for the change in the future, through the optimizing of internal and external information resources, turning from a "Telecommunications expert" to "ICT expert" transforming for a glorious course.

    From a technical point of view, FiberHome Telecommunications in this transformation process, has gone through three major phases:

    The first phase, to transmission and optical fibers to create a foundation of pioneering optical communications.

    From 1970’s till 1990’s FiberHome (then WRI) basically completed the analog to digital transition, and transformation of copper to fiber-optic technology. FiberHome created a lot of “No.1” in optical communication area, such as the first fiber optic, the first PDH, the first SDH the first DWDM, the first FTTH, and so on. This stage FiberHome completed the three aspects of the work:

    1. Complete the transition from PDH to SDH;

    2. The completed transformation from copper technology to optical technology;

    3. The complete transformation to large-scale production of fiber & optical cables.

    The second phase, focusing on the network technology and beginning information technology.

     In 1999, FiberHome Company was established, completed the changing from circuit based technology to the IP-based technology, and also extend transmission technology residential terminal. It also accumulated the capacity building for information system development and integration. Completed the following work:

    1. Implementing IP based network technology and  Fiber commercial technology localization;

    2. Achieve the transmission extension to home business;

    3. Realize complete integration capability for smart city based.

    The third stage, advancing towards information technology based on "Cloud Network Integration"

     This stage began in the rise of cloud computing and Big data technology, FiberHome opened up to cloud and data-based information technology research and development, First time proposed the “cloud network integration" information roadmap. To realize the goal of becoming an "ICT expert". Completed the following work:

    1. Making a clear cloud network integration strategy;

    2. Start the innovation based on cloud data center technology;

    3. Achieved the ability to information security and data mining;

    4. Established ICT organizational structure, optimizing the company resources for information business system.

    In the trend of ICT, Fiberhome's business structure has been dominated by traditional optical communication, to cloud computing and Big data-oriented industries for the comprehensive information-based business transformation. In order to achieve this goal, FiberHome analyze the current information technology trends and future development direction, and studied in-depth on national economic and industry needs. On the one hand adhere to independent research and development as the premise of the road to strengthen their R & D investment and on other, through cooperation and development, acquisition, etc., by which integrate the main industry chain resources, to build the ICT business. Currently FiberHome ICT business include Cloud Computing Big Data, information security, IDC and Smart City. In the ICT application, to meet the development of socio-economic needs, FiberHome and Hubei United Investment Group, set up joint venture Chu Tian Yun Co., Ltd., It provides "PaaS + SaaS" cloud and Big Data service to the province's government. Chu Tian Cloud built two unified Data sharing platform and Big Data platform containing four basic databases such as enterprise, population, microeconomic and GIS, based on which diversified applications can be developed for various sectors through Big Data analytics, to help government in public service, administration, decision making, resource planning, urban development etc., This project is one of the key project in transforming FiberHome from CT to ICT. And new technology and business modes were innovated to “Broaden the Future” in the Information Technology area.

    FiberHome ICT strategy focused on the full range of "cloud network integration”, In general the strategy can be summarized as " Cloud-network integration as “architecture”, Cloud Computing as “engine”, Big data as “wheels”, and  Cloud services as “path”  to meet the growing users demand for informatization. ”

    FiberHome ICT Map

    From the year 2010, “State Key Laboratory” of FiberHome began to study cloud computing, and Using ‘OpenStack’ as the development platform. In 2015 FiberHome released FitCloud Cloud-network integration strategy. FitCloud including, FitDC, FitOS, FitStor, FitSec, FitServ, FitNet, etc. in ICT2.0, which promote innovation of information technology.

    In the FitCloud solution Data center is core part, through FitOS cloud operating system manage the data center IT & network resource. Based on FitOS can develop various cloud applications to meet the user requirements. In the Cloud data center, through virtualization, SDx, Big Data technology, to support computing, networking and data analyzing capabilities.

    Cloud Data Center

    Fitcloud include FitSever computing virtualization technology, FitStore storage virtualization technology, FitNet network virtualization technology through a unified interface, centralized managing and controlling of these virtual resources, thereby reducing business operating costs, ensure the safety and reliability of the system to assist carriers and enterprise customers to build safe, green, energy-efficient data centers.

    Based on OpenStack Architecture developed FitOS cloud operating system is the core of cloud-network integrated solutions. FitOS can centralize resource from various data centers, to provide powerful virtualization function and resource pools management. FitOS provides a rich cloud component, tools and open API Interfaces to support traditional and new business services, with greatly improved ICT asset value and ICT e n fficiency of operation and maintenance.

    Cloud Network Integration

    FitOS through standardized API work together with SDN for connecting the Data center physical & virtual network and for interconnection of various Data center. By programming SDN/NFV controller and resource manager with the cloud resource management platform, it realize end to end network resource control. FitOS is not for Data center network but also it supports telecom carrier SDN network. Cloud network introduced NFV technology, to realize vEPC, vBNG, vCPE  network deployment.

     Big Data Platform

    FiberHome FitData Big data platform, is not only to provide data analysis environment, but also it is a unified platform for various applications. FitData Big data platform collects data from various platforms & networks, and store this data on the cloud for further data analysis. FitData also provides guidance for business and application, evidence for network & information security and an open platform for cooperation development.

    Business ‘Cloud’-ing

    For the current business by ‘APP’-ing and Hardware-Software ‘Cloud’-ing, makes the deployment easier, faster, more open and more extendable. For the new businesses hardware-software architecture development should be based on the cloud, so that it is easy to make business innovation in the unified resource management platform. At present the financial, transportation, education, enterprise OA are already in the process of ‘Cloud’-ing, in future the focus will shift to a broad spectrum of Smart City application such as the government, energy, healthcare, construction, broadcasting, etc. And to improve ICT Technological eco-circle.

    FiberHome FitCloud Cloud-network integration solution integrate traditional resource. By using SDx (software defined everything) technology the platform is scalable, manageable and operational. With this transformation of FiberHome from traditional network ‘pipe’ provider gradually to a connection-oriented, data and application centered ICT solutions provider. Currently FiberHome headquarters located in Wuhan, China has ICT industry base in Beijing, Nanjing, Xi’an, and Zhuhai and also has invested on R&D base in USA, India and Malaysia. FiberHome Cloud computing and IT have more than 3000 people talented professionals worldwide.

    In future, facing great opportunities and challenges FiberHome will adhere to "open sharing, win-win" strategy and work with outstanding partners in all areas together to create a complete "cloud network integrated" ecology, for providing the best service to the customers. As a new "ICT expert" FiberHome stands in the international and domestic information era.