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    Intelligent building systems integration

    • 2014-01-08

    Intelligent Building System Integration is to make the building within intelligent building managementsystem through integrated wiring technology, building automationtechnology, communications technology, networking technology, multimediaapplication technology, security technology, installation and commissioning, interfacecustom development and so on.

    WuhanFiberhome Technical Services Company has already implement lots of intelligentbuilding systems integration programs includes cabling, building automation, Telephone switches, Room works, Monitoring systems, Anti-theftalarm, Public broadcasting, Cable TV, Access control systems, Buildingintercom, Card, Parking management, Fire protection systems, Multimedia displaysystem, Remote conferencing systems, etc.

    The fuction of Fiberhome intelligentbuilding integration system:

    1)       Building Automation System:

    Provides comfortable, energy saving and efficient work environment.

    2)       Automatic fire alarm systems,security systems:

    Provide safe method, will minimize the degree of harm

    3)       comprehensive wiring system:

    Provide convenient voice, data communication conditions

    Background music and emergency broadcasting system:

    Provides an elegant setting

    4)       communication system (PBX):

    Provides a convenient communication environment

    5)       Parking Management System:

    Provide an effective vehicle management system

    6)       Satellite and cable televisionreception system:

    Provide convenient and diversified entertainment environment, andcan provide data services

    7)       Office Automation System:

    Efficient working environment