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    Indoor coverage integrated series

    • 2015-11-16

    With the rapid development of mobile users in the city, as well as more and more high-rise buildings, traffic density and coverage requirements are constantly increasing. These buildings,  large, good quality, has a strong shield mobile phone signals. In large buildings of lower, and underground Mall, and underground parking, environment Xia, mobile communications signal weak, phone cannot normal using, formed has mobile communications of blind and shadow district; in Middle floors, due to from around different base station signal of overlap, produces pong effect, phone frequently switch, even off words, serious effects has phone of normal using; in buildings of senior, due to by base station antenna of height limit, cannot normal cover, is mobile communications of blind. In addition, in some buildings, while mobile phones capable of normal conversation, but the user density, crowded the base station channel, mobile phone launch difficulties.

    Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company series of indoor coverage integrated programmes are intended for indoor users group, used to improve the environment of mobile communications in the building of a successful programme, mobile operators all over the country in recent years has been widely used. To offer a better solution. Their principle is to use an indoor antenna distribution system evenly distributes signals of mobile base stations in every corner of the room, thus ensuring coverage of indoor area with ideal. Comprehensively improve the quality of a building to improve mobile phone connection rate, open up quality indoor mobile communications at the same time, using micro-cellular systems can share outdoor macro cellular telephone traffic, expansion of the network capacity, improve the overall mobile network services.

    Technical solutions to indoor coverage can be divided into three types:

    Micro-cell cable connection method

    Are based on indoor micro cellular system as a signal source for indoor coverage systems, namely, wired access mode. Apply to the coverage of the larger and relatively high traffic volume within the building, widely used in urban center to solve coverage and capacity issues.

    Macro cellular radio access method

    Is based on outdoor Macro cell as a signal source for indoor coverage systems, namely, wireless access. Suitable for low traffic volume and small area indoor coverage for non signal zones, widely used in suburbs.


    Based on outdoor Macro cell’s enough capacity, supply signal to non coverage area via Repeater.

    Signal distribution solutions

    1) Passive antenna distribution

    By passive devices and antennas, feeders, signal will be transmitted and distributed to the indoor .The signal will be enhanced by the solution. It is suitable for the middle and small area.

    2) Source distribution model

    Through active devices ( Sourcehub, active amplifier, active splitters, active antenna, etc ) and the antenna signal will be amplified and distributed.

    3) Fiber distributed model

    Optical fiber as signal distribution media, it was used for backbone network to transfer signal for big and distribution environment indoor.

    4) Distribution of the leaked cables

    Signal source via a leaked cable transmissions, a series of openings and outer conductor via cable, surface currents on the outer conductor, thereby opening the cable cross-sections formed electromagnetic field, those openings are a series of signals from the antenna transmitting and receiving functions. It applies to tunnels, subways, galleries and other terrain.