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    Energy transformation systems integration

    • 2015-11-16

    Distributed energy resources ( DER) Refers to the distribution at customer side of cascade utilization and renewable sources of energy and resources comprehensive utilization facilities such as sun energy, wind power generation, cogeneration, biogas utilization. Distributed energy directly installed on the user's side, to minimize the loss of intermediate transport links, enabling the resource utilization have yawned. Distributed energy's smart grid technology, which can be run independently or parallel operation, regardless of size, the use of any fuel or technology.

    Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company distributed energy system integration programme in relation to the traditional way of centralized power supply. Distribution of energy utilization system at the user end , combined cooling heating and power system with small size, small, modular, decentralized arrangement around the user , can independently output cold, heat and power system. Distributed energy systems including distributed generation, energy storage, grid-connected distributed technology and product value with potential power demand side load response resources. Besides pumping energy storage power station outside of grid-oriented, not only the three belong to the same power supply areas, are closely associated with each other. Such as distributed generation and distributed energy storage composed of micro-network of complementary and can participate in demand response resource load response programs.