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    Market capacity series

    • 2015-11-17

    Marketing is a practical science which hass cientific and artistic both, and it is established in economic science, behavioral science, modern management theory based of integrated applied science, research to meet consumers’ needs for center of enterprise marketing activities and regularity, has full, integrate, and practical features, it is a compulsory course of management, while also is an important course in Humanities, Philosophy, and Social sciences,. Marketing arise from the United States 1930s, formed the modern marketing 1950s.It’sreally introduced into China after 1978, as the development of market economy and the socio-economic, marketing has undergone fundamental changes, expands its applications from profit organizations to non-profit organizations, extends from domestic to foreign countries.

    Business goal: staffs in specialty areas such as management, economics, law, marketing and so on, who can work at enterprises, institutions, and government agencies, engaged in marketing and management, as well as teaching and researching.

    Business training: majorly study marketing, as well as the basic theories and knowledge of business administration, marketing methods, have the basic ability to analyze and solve marketing problems.

    Candidates should gain the following knowledge and skills:

    1. Know well of management science, economics and the modern marketing theory;

    2.Know well of qualitative and quantitative analysis method in marketing;

    3. With strong verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal communication and the basic skills to solve practical problems of marketing;

    4. Familiar with relevant marketing principles, policies and regulations of our country and the international marketing convention and rules;

    5. Learn advanced theories of this discipline;

    6. Know well of the basic methods of query with a certain ability to practiceand research.